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why own a franchise?

Fitness franchise opportunities provide a measure of security that is often missing from independent ventures. Buying a gym franchise allows the new owner to leverage the success of an existing business to sell a proven product.

The likelihood of consumers choosing an established brand over an unknown business is 2:1. Franchises with regional and national recognition experience increased revenue and shortened sales cycles.

An Established Brand

A Proven Business Model

Of all the franchises opened in Canada within the last 5 years, 86% are under the same ownership and 97% are still in business. Why? Because their business models work. Over time, franchisers have encountered and overcome most of the problems that face independent business owners.

FITNESS:1440™ provides detailed upfront training on how to successfully operate your gym. We also provide continued support in marketing, advertising, employee relations and human resources. Our ongoing assistance is designed to strengthen business success for the franchisee in their fitness franchise opportunity.

As new owners come across issues and challenges, they have access to support from FITNESS:1440™ as well as from other franchisees who assist each other on a continuous basis.

OnGoing Support

Franchise Revenue

Franchising is a profitable and strong business system in today’s world and has withstood the ebb and flow of economic cycles.

Franchises continue to outpace the economy as a whole in terms of the growth rate of jobs, payroll and output services. In Canada, they hold nearly 45% of market sales and approximately $1 for every $5 is spent on goods or services from franchised businesses.

  • Canada has the second largest franchise industry in the world (first is the USA).
  • Around 4,300 new franchise outlets open in Canada each year.
  • Franchised businesses represent over $100 billion in annual sales (and continues to grow) and employs 1 out of every 22 Canadians.

Franchising offers freedom and independence within a framework of systems designed to achieve maximum success.

why open a FITNESS:1440™ franchise?

The health and fitness industry is booming like never before. What better way to capitalize on its popularity and growth than owning a gym franchise with a proven successful business model. 

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